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About Us

Experienced, Trustworthy

HouseSold Real Estate LLC is an honest, professional and ethical real estate company that provides solutions to individuals who are interested in selling their home or investment property quickly without a real estate commission. We will meet with you and provide you with a no-hassle and competitive offer on your house. We will buy your house in “as is” or current condition and there is never a real estate fee.

At HouseSold Real Estate LLC, we have been providing solutions to home owners and we can assist you with any situation that you have. If you are looking to sell your house quickly then we have the ability to provide you with a cash offer and close as quickly as 2 weeks or based upon your timeline.

We Buy Houses in “As Is” Condition

What does that mean? Well, we realize that no house is perfect and that there are always items that need to be fixed, repaired or even rebuilt. You don’t have to worry about fixing those items because we will buy your house in its present condition.

Selling a property can often be a complicated, difficult and challenging endeavor. We will work with you and your attorney to ensure that the process is as smooth and easy as possible. There are enough challenges in life and selling your property should not be one of them. Please be assured that we will do everything, within our ability, to direct a seamless transaction with minimal complications.

Reputation, Integrity

We place a high value on our reputation, business practices and our ethical behavior. When we enter into a real estate transaction, we are committed to the highest standards of ethical business practices. We will work with the homeowner to ensure that we enter into a proposition where both parties are FULLY SATISFIED with the agreement. If we are unable to agree upon price and terms then we will both walk away from the transaction in a professional manner.

HouseSold Real Estate, LLC buys and sells properties throughout Hartford County and Connecticut. If you have any questions or would like to find out more information about us then please contact us at 860.805.8500 or email today and we will be glad to assist you. All consultations are free and completely confidential.